The Workplace Ombudsman  Lawrie Cherniack

Contact: Lawrie Cherniack

What is The Workplace Ombudsman?

The Workplace Ombudsman is an independent expert in conflict resolution appointed by an employer to deal confidentially with concerns from employees at any level that are not being resolved by the conventional procedures available at the workplace.

Although The Workplace Ombudsman is new in Manitoba, the concept is not new. The “organizational ombudsman” has been in existence for some time in the United States and Canada for large employers. This service is now available for small and medium-size businesses in Manitoba.

The general hallmark of The Workplace Ombudsman is that he is not an advocate for employees or for management; he is an advocate for fairness.

When regular and appropriate channels within the organization are not able to resolve a conflict, or when informal intervention to prevent major conflicts is appropriate, The Workplace Ombudsman is there to use his independence and neutrality, combined with his specialized skills and training, to find a resolution.

The Workplace Ombudsman is a productive and preventative alternative to a law suit or a toxic work environment. He is a person who is independent, neutral, and trustworthy, who investigates problems and offers resolution.

For employers, and their employees, managers, and human resource professionals, The Workplace Ombudsman provides an understanding ear and a clear analysis of a situation.

Long-standing conflicts can be resolved. More importantly, conflicts can be prevented at the outset from festering into major disputes that can disrupt workplaces, affect productivity, or require disciplinary action.  

The Workplace Ombudsman can be part of a cost-effective employee retention strategy.

 The Workplace Ombudsman can:  

The Workplace Ombudsman is announced to employees as an independent person whom they can contact when there appear to be no other options available to them for resolution or if they seek informal resolution of workplace conflicts.

For an example of a letter a CEO might write to employees of a company about the engagement of The Workplace Ombudsman, click here to go to the Sample Page.

The Workplace Ombudsman  Lawrie Cherniack

Contact: Lawrie Cherniack