The Workplace Ombudsman  Lawrie Cherniack

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The Workplace Ombudsman is an independent expert in conflict resolution appointed by an employer to deal confidentially and informally with concerns from employees at any level that cannot be resolved by the conventional procedures available at the workplace. . . . Read More

The Workplace Ombudsman can improve employee productivity and morale, identify systemic workplace issues before major problems occur, and resolve workplace conflicts that disrupt workplaces — at cost-effective and reasonable rates. . . . Read More

Lawrie Cherniack is an experienced trained mediator who specializes in workplace conflicts. He has over 30 years of experience in the workplace field. . . . Read More

The contract is tailored to the needs of your workplace. It can be reviewed at any time. Any combination of fee-for-service or retainer can be chosen. Here are some examples: . . . Read More

What is The Workplace Ombudsman?

Why engage The Workplace Ombudsman?

Who is The Workplace Ombudsman?

How do I engage The Workplace Ombudsman?

Workplace conflict improperly handled creates the kinds of problems that many employers deal with on a day-to-day basis: poor morale, loss of productivity, insubordination, absenteeism, and ultimately voluntary (or involuntary) termination.

The Workplace Ombudsman offers employers and their employees a cost-effective way of truly resolving workplace conflicts, contributing to a healthy working environment, avoiding the expense of hiring and training new employees, and increased morale and productivity.

Large employers in the United States and Canada have full-time workplace ombudsmen. The service is now available, for the first time in Manitoba, to small and medium-sized businesses.

The concept is simple.  The employer engages an independent neutral expert on workplace conflict — The Workplace Ombudsman —  to be available on a confidential basis to employees at any level of the workplace to deal with conflicts they may bring.  

Just like a government Ombudsman, The Workplace Ombudsman can investigate, or provide employees with techniques for resolving conflicts themselves, or mediate conflicts — but has no power other than the power of reason and persuasion.

An Independent Neutral Expert in Conflict Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions about The Workplace Ombudsman

 Frequently Asked Questions about conflict with the HR Department, what other businesses use this concept, and more. . . . Read More

For an example of a letter a CEO might write to employees of a company about the engagement of The Workplace Ombudsman, click here to go to the Sample Page.

The Workplace Ombudsman  Lawrie Cherniack

Contact: Lawrie Cherniack